Endless Summer artist profile: Tallows


As we count down the days until Saturday’s big ol’ party at Native Sound Stage, Oxford Karma’s Endless Summer (tickets available here), we’ll also be profiling each of the artists performing and, most importantly, why they need to be seen. Next up: Tallows.

Set time: 10 p.m.

Hometown: Oklahoma City

Members: Josh Hogsett, Richard Lindsey, Adam Thornbrugh, Jay Sullivan

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Why you need to see them: It’s been almost two years to the day since Tallows released their vibrant debut LP. And while the modest Oklahoma City four-piece had been steadily building buzz in the months prior — primarily on the promise of “Soft Water” and “Small Talk” — nobody in their right mind could have predicted the impending fanaticism spawned by Memory Marrow. Seemingly overnight, Tallows ascended to that top tier of beloved Oklahoma acts, packing local venues with supporters so ardent they probably know the lyrics better than the band does. And with such infectious pop songwriting — filtered through that bold, exploratory sound — why wouldn’t they? The buzz would eventually settle after vocalist Josh Hogsett spent a semester studying abroad, only to build back up again upon his return and subsequent announcement of the band’s Memory Marrow follow-up, due next month. That next chapter in Tallows’ increasingly compelling saga has already been written, and now’s it’s time to experience it.

What others in the know are saying: “Kaleidoscopic songs that quickly turn anthemic are a staple of Tallows’ latest record, Memory Marrow. Take “Soft Water,” the album’s third track. It begins with a percussion solo that is quickly joined by electronic blips before the electric guitar comes buzzing in. The song builds on those few sounds, escalating ever-so-slowly, teasing the listener until the three-minute mark when the explosion finally comes. Memory Marrow is full of similar gems. Add in a penchant for weird/experimental sounds and you’ve got one of the most interesting bands in Oklahoma.” – Eric Walters (Paste, May 15, 2014)

Essential listening: Memory Marrow