Endless Summer artist profile: Sex Snobs

sex snobs
(Photo: Serena Noline)

As we count down the days until Saturday’s big ol’ party at Native Sound Stage, Oxford Karma’s Endless Summer (tickets available here), we’ll also be profiling each of the artists performing and, most importantly, why they need to be seen. Next up: Sex Snobs.

Set time: 4 p.m.

Hometown: Oklahoma City

Members: Alex Barnard, Tim Buchanan, James Hammontree, Billy Reid

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Why you need to see them: Arising from the figurative (or hell, maybe literal) ashes of the now-defunct post-hardcore act CHUD, Sex Snobs’ Alex Barnard and James Hammontree retooled their sound with more of a ’90s alt-rock edge while retaining that grimy, sweaty, scuzz-rock nucleus. The end result is their most accessibly sharp incarnation, culminating on the tight yet immersive Pop Songs and Other Ways to Die, one of the best albums to emerge from Oklahoma this year. But as infectious as that forceful punk rock ethos is on record, it’s even more palpable in the band’s live performances.

What others in the know are saying: “Sex Snobs is the musical equivalent to dropkicking a bully in the face with all your favorite super heroes watching. Either get busy listening or get busy receiving dropkicks.” – Nathan Poppe (The Oklahoman, July 9, 2015)

Essential listening: Pop Songs and Other Ways to Die