Endless Summer artist profile: Safari Collective Power Hour

safari collective

As we count down the days until Saturday’s big ol’ party at Native Sound Stage, Oxford Karma’s Endless Summer (tickets available here), we’ll also be profiling each of the artists performing and, most importantly, why they need to be seen. Next up: Safari Collective.

Set time: 5:30 p.m.

Hometown: Oklahoma City, Norman, Edmond

Members: Airglow, Akiba, Apple ii, Askanse, Boare, Celadon City, DBoyd, kanon_kid, LoneMoon, PVLMS, Sardashhh, Schotty, SimStim

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Why you need to see them: As the Safari Collective continues to grow in numbers, so too does its intrigue. The Oklahoma-based family of DIY artists is pioneering the state’s burgeoning electronic music movement, routinely dropping track after track covering a broad range of sounds — from hyphy and chiptune to ambient-pop and deep house. They’ve also quietly been putting on some of the sweatiest, most energetic parties this side of the Red River, often inside the hospitable confines of Norman’s Dope Chapel with its members seamlessly alternating sets or sharing the stage with one another. So, in true collective fashion, we asked the folks from Safari to showcase their roster with an hour-long DJ set in what should make for a uniquely entertaining and dynamic musical experience.

What others in the know are saying: “There’s a healthy and growing EDM scene in Oklahoma, to be sure, one that mirrors a national popularity that has (seemingly) yet to peak. Electronic music is a broader umbrella than it has ever been, one just as vast as any other genre. And the EDM ethos — both on a national and local scope — is different from what Celadon City, Boare and their growing set of friends and fellow artists known as the Safari Collective are doing. Not better or worse, necessarily, but different — their left-of-center sensibilities carved from Flying Lotus, Aphex Twin, Tycho and the like don’t always jive with the bass-craving, hook-loving club crowd.” – Joshua Boydston (Oklahoma Gazette, Nov. 26, 2014)

Essential listening: Celadon City – “Your Wonderfalls”; Boare – “Playdatshit”; Sardashhh – “UinMind”; PVLMS – “A.M.”; LoneMoon – “I Promise (feat. Atura)”