Endless Summer artist profile: Cherry Death

cherry death

As we count down the days until Saturday’s big ol’ party at Native Sound Stage, Oxford Karma’s Endless Summer (tickets available here), we’ll also be profiling each of the artists performing and, most importantly, why they need to be seen. Next up: Cherry Death.

Set time: 6:45 p.m.

Hometown: Oklahoma City

Members: Tim Buchanan, Atlee Hickerson, Brent Hodge, Kilyn Massey, Lacey Tackett

Follow them on: Facebook, Bandcamp

Why you need to see them: It’s often said, probably too often, that artists use lo-fi, highly distorted recording techniques as a crutch, a method designed to disguise underdeveloped or unengaging songwriting. But that’s obviously not the case with Cherry Death, the brainchild of local everyman Tim Buchanan (Glow God, Sex Snobs). For buried beneath the fuzz of his new band’s material is pure, unadulterated melody, music that extracts from tbe guitar gods of decades past while dousing itself a refreshingly contemporary coating. It’s definitely loud, no matter the volume, but it only amplifies the subtly engaging riffs at the core.

What others in the know are saying: “While Oklahoma City shredders Glow God are on hiatus as they wait for their bassist to return from working in Berlin, guitarist and vocalist Tim Buchanan has been busy with Cherry Death. Whereas Glow God (named after a Melvins song), come with a hardcore Mudhoney vibe, Cherry Death shreds with more of an emphasis on a Crazy Horse/J Mascis roots rock and poppy psych. Two recent Cherry Death releases Flowers for Jesus and Bite My Nails are sublime excursions into ragged rock and roll guitar riffage. – Tim Scott (Noisey, June 12, 2015)

Essential listening: Flowers for Jesus