Deus Eyeslow and Shawny C get blunted in hazy new “Eyes” video

Deus Eyeslow

Deus Eyeslow and Shawny C know how to have a good time. See them perform live and you’ll know as much. But judging by the new video for “Eyes,” a single they dropped a couple months back, these guys don’t limit their fun to the stage.

The video — directed by Delo Creative’s George Salisbury, Tom Hudson, Travis Pierce and Lesley Penhall — features the Norman hip-hop duo and fellow fun enthusiasts indulging in a bit of the old drugs, sex, and rock ‘n’ roll. It’s a throwback video of sorts, akin to a modern-day “Gin & Juice” and in line with their vintage-rap aesthetic.

Check out the video below and grab the track from iTunes.