Oxford Karma

Write for Oxford Karma

We’re going places here at Oxford Karma — at least that’s the hope. But in order to meet the considerable demand for Oklahoma arts and entertainment coverage, we need an equally considerable Rolodex of writers. Want your info in there? Listen up.

As an ever-growing and evolving operation, we’re seeking scribes who are well versed in the Oklahoma landscape and have a working knowledge in a variety of subjects, but are also willing to venture outside their comfort zone. You will be required to generate story ideas and pitch them with regularity rather than relying on an editor to assign something to you. We also want a wide range of perspectives, so if you’re something other than a white dude that would be a plus. And you absolutely must be able to meet deadlines, sometimes even overnight.

Most importantly, though, we’re looking for those with astutely analytical outlooks, writers who aren’t satisfied with simply meeting the status quo. Give readers a reason to read your story. Go above and beyond. And for Christ’s sake, avoid cringe-worthy clichés like “above and beyond.”

(Oh, and it helps if your writing has a little personality as well. We’re not in the business of putting our readers to sleep.)

If that sounds like you, aspiring Oxford Karma writer, prove it to us. Send your resumé, writing samples, and at least one story pitch to zach@oxfordkarma.com. Don’t just tell us why you think you’d be a good fit; make it so we can’t say no. Because there’s a decent chance we will.