Zach Hale
Founder | Editor-In-Chief

Zach Hale is the former entertainment editor of the Oklahoma Gazette, a publication he contributed to in a multitude of ways after moving to Oklahoma City in 2012. His writing focus was primarily music and film-centric, but he contributed a number of visual arts and performing arts pieces as well. Some have said he “killed it” as an editor there, and that he went “HAM” on numerous occasions, an opinion shared by an undetermined — but probably significant — amount of people.

Prior to the Gazette, Zach contributed to the Dallas Observer, covering the Dallas-Fort Worth music scene like Richard Sherman in man coverage. He has also written for the 35 Denton Music Festival, The Oklahoma Daily, and his own personal music blog, Music for USB Ports, which was basically the Velvet Underground of music blogs in that it won’t be fully appreciated for another 30 years or so. He has interviewed a lot of famous people, none of which have impressed him that much.

Zach has a dog named Neko, and he is well aware her name means “cat” in Japanese. Neko is the unofficial mascot of Oxford Karma, and she can be seen perusing the streets of OKC with her nose planted firmly in the ground, chasing squirrels, or relieving herself on a nice patch of grass — much like how Zach peruses the aisles at record stores.



Daniel Bokemper
Associate Editor

Daniel Bokemper has lived most of his life in Oklahoma, currently in Oklahoma City and hailing from Moore. Daniel lived in Chickasha for four years while obtaining an English degree at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma.

In 2014, Daniel began contributing to the Oklahoma Gazette, emphasizing film and film-related features. His writing includes numerous movie reviews, as well as conversations with Oscar-nominated director Bennett Miller and Enid-born producers Trent and Thad Luckinbill. In early 2015, Daniel began covering comics, television and film for Wicked Horror, an online publication dedicated to all things macabre.

Daniel has suffered an infatuation with film ever since he was a teen, and is typically found viewing Tarkovsky, Bergman or Kurosawa films depending on the time of day. He also firmly believes that his pets, a bearded dragon named Picard and a royal python named Geoffrey, may possess the key to subsiding climate change.

If you’d like to contribute to Oxford Karma, please send your resumé, cover letter, and writing samples to either Zach or Daniel.