Who actually reads newspapers anyway? When we launched Oxford Karma in January of 2015, we sought to provide Oklahoma with a new kind of media outlet, to fill a void for local arts and entertainment coverage with a 21st-century voice that was in touch with the modern consumer. Because let’s face it: Study after study has shown that we get our news almost exclusively from desktop and mobile platforms, making print journalism the modern-day equivalent to a horse and buggy. By taking an exclusively web-centric approach to content publishing, Oxford Karma has become the state’s information resource for both the present and future.

In that same vein, our approach to advertising is as current as it is efficient, featuring competitive rates and targeted, sectionalized ad placement designed to maximize impressions and cultivate engagement. Our ads are prominently featured yet seamlessly integrated, utilizing the most current technology available in order to best reach your potential customers. We also offer complimentary ad-design services if so desired, which display our knack for eye-popping layout and firm grasp of messaging for your brand, and weekly analytics reports providing you with our most recent traffic information.

But most of all, we offer an opportunity to maximize your company’s earning potential and be a part of something fresh and exciting. The buzz surrounding Oxford Karma is palpable within the local community, which has longed for an Oklahoma outlet to which it can relate. But we intend to keep building upon the rapid growth we’ve experienced so far, and we hope you’ll be our partner along the way.

To request a media kit or discuss a partnership with Oklahoma’s emerging source for arts, entertainment, and culture, email