Oklahoma ain’t what it used to be — and we mean that as a compliment. The Sooner State has long spawned its share of trailblazers and visionaries, from the unassuming charm of Wanda Jackson and Will Rogers to the contemporary radiance of Bill Hader and Allan Houser. Yet anyone who’s lived here in the past decade or so can attest to the state’s creative, communal, and infrastructural growth. There’s still a long way to go, but in many ways, Oklahoma is trending toward the modern era while shedding its bygone, ramshackle reputation. As the state’s definitive new source for arts, entertainment, and cultural coverage, we here at Oxford Karma strive not only to embody this progress; we plan to double down on it.

With a host of talented, insightful, and experienced contributors on-hand, we intend to cover the developments you care about most, whether within state borders or beyond. Our content will be at times folksy and humorous, others intellectually stimulating, but it will always be projected through a fearlessly honest and unfiltered lens. Our music coverage will be comprehensive, ranging from in-depth think-pieces to Spotify playlists of must-hear tracks. Our film and television coverage will cast its net over the industry as a whole, with a special emphasis on Oklahoma’s burgeoning independent and arthouse scenes. We will cover local comedy with more breadth and perception than any other publication. Same goes for food and drink, visual arts and the myriad cultural developments that this region endures.

But most of all, our coverage will be in touch with you, the modern Oklahoman. Like you, we have long yearned for arts coverage and local commentary that doesn’t insult your intelligence, and we will provide it with a vigor and passion that has been absent ‘round these parts for far too long.